Almost everyone loves pets. As much as we might be loving them to death, they surely will mess your carpet sometimes. Usually, pets receive training on potty matters but sometimes they will make a mess due to unavoidable circumstances. A pet is prone to messy accidents especially when they want to throw up. If that happens, you will realize that the pet will mess the carpet. Because messes from pets are prone to happen today or in future, it is good to share how the mess can be cleaned up with ease without a struggle. Some of the pet stain removal Las Vegas ways can easily be used to remove the carpet stains in general but when it comes to odor, you must be extra careful. This is because, if the odor is not cleaned very carefully, the pet might be drawn to the same spot. This is very possible if the pet can still smell the odor from the last mess. Below are some of the tips that can help remove possible stains from a carpet

How to basically clean a pet’s mess:

  • Take a step immediately the mess happens

Observe your pet often. As much as your pet will not mess all the time, it will surely mess sometimes. To avoid the stain being spread to all carpet, consider acting immediately. If the mess is fresh, you can use a rag or a towel for blotting up. This method is suitable if the mess is urine and it is fresh. You will need to apply a lot of pressure to make sure that you have soaked most of the urine. If the mess is solid, you should make sure that your hands have gloves. According to pet stain removal Las Vegas, you should never use your bare hands when removing pet stain. Make sure that you have a scraper to help you lift the solid mess from the carpet. When removing the mess, make sure to be very careful to avoid the mess to spread from other parts of the carpet. If you are still working on training your pet, you can consider placing the soaked towel or rag where you want them to go.

  • Blot up

There is a very big difference between blotting and rubbing. In cases of pet mess, the only best pet stain removal Las Vegas advice is to make sure that you blot up and not rub. Obviously, when a pet messes your carpet, usually there is that feeling that you should just get in and scrub all the mess. As much as the feeling can be so strong, do not forge ahead to scrub or rub the carpet. This is because, in case you choose to do so, you will realize that you will be adding the mess by spreading it even further. Instead, blot the carpet and try to do that using an absorbent towel or rug. When you are blotting your carpet, make sure that you have worn gloves.

  • Do not use too much cleaning products

Sometimes we think that using more cleaning products will make the cleaning much easier. But that is not actually the case. Try to use the least cleaning products. Instead of using too much at once, consider using the least amount as possible then repeat the procedure. Using too much will lead to too much residue that can lead to attraction of too much dirt. To be on the safer side, consider using what is just needed for the cleaning.

  • Refrain from heat

You might think that when the water is hot, the stain removal will be much successful. Actually, hot water is not the best solution. Always try to avoid using hot water as much as possible. When the stain is urine, using hot water or steam cleaners can actually worsen the stain. It will even make the stain permanent. To avoid that, always consider using cold water or consider the use of lukewarm.

  • Rinse the carpet thoroughly

Rinsing is one of the most steps when cleaning your carpet. Unfortunately, most people tend to avoid or leave out this important step. The stain might be gone but the work is not yet done. The cleaning method, in this case, does not matter. What matters is that you give the carpet a good rinse. Use enough water and rinse the carpet as many times as possible just to make sure that the stain is permanently gone. Because odor is so difficult to remove, you might consider spraying the part messed down with water then blot the area up. Make sure that you have used a towel to blot. After you have done all that, you should make sure that you have blended the edges of the areas that you are cleaning. That way, you will not leave hard edges that might cause discoloration. Remember, it is good to clean the stain while it is still fresh.

  • Use a refresher to remove the odor

As we all know, if you fail to remove the odor caused by the pet mess, the pet might end up messing the same place again. Therefore, odor removal is always very important. After you have said goodbye to the stain on your carpet, use a carpet refresher to remove the odor completely. Also, before you forge forwards to use any fresher, consider reading the products reviews or comments about the products first.


Pets are nice when kept at home. In fact, almost everyone adores pets. Sometimes pets might mess your carpet especially if they have not been trained yet. Also sometimes accidents do happen and your pet might end up messing your carpet. When that happens, you must know how to carefully clean the mess. Failure to do that, you might end up with a permanent stain on your carpet that cannot be removed. Therefore, makes sure that you are well equipped with tips that can make you easily clean your carpet.