Enlightening you on how good service might not be sufficient to show how competent contrators line without bringing you to the awareness of how our services are being rendered. Knowing our responsibilities will enable you to know the areas where your attention will be needed as a client. Below are the responsibilities rendered by Snap Stucco:

Items and resources needed

Contrators have taken it as responsibility to provide all the materials, tools and labor needed for the project. In essence, our clients are relieved of the project stress after they have awarded it. All that is needed of them is to provide the funds and sit back, they will do all the work to make the project an outstanding one.

Applying or assisting in the application for building permits

As a construction firm, they have also taken it upon ourselves to assist clients in applying for building permits from the government. If we are dealing with a very busy client who might have little or no time to reach out to the government for a building permit, then they can totally leave that to us. We will wholly take up the task. You don’t have to thank us; it is our responsibility of Snap Stucco.

Schedules monitoring and cash flow

With the properly laid plans, they are able to monitor the schedules and achieve a planned task within a specific time frame. You can trust us to provide you with quick constructions and early deliveries of projects. We are particularly useful for those who will want their building built within a relatively short time frame. Based on known fact, we have also come to recognize that clients are always particularly suspicious about a construction firm when it comes to money matters – fear of fund misappropriation and fraudulent acts. Our company is one with a good reputation so you can rest assured. Spending will be closely monitored and any form of loopholes will be completely eliminated.

Accurate records keeping

They have a unit specialized in proper record keeping of client’s funds spent during the construction periods and as our client, you can get to access all our records at your own comfort and get to know all you want. They are transparent and honest in all our dealing with our clients. It is a company you can trust with your funds.

Ensuring a safe and secure project site

So many construction companies do not closely monitor workers during working periods. With little attention paid to the proper organization on the project site, workers tend to carelessly lay construction materials and tools all over the construction site. This could be quite dangerous for anyone who is not so familiar with the building site and of course, an unmindful movement around the project site could cause an injury to visitors especially to clients who might be visiting to see the progress of the project. With Snap Stucco, you can consider this a “no-problem”. With our well-trained workers, we make sure to properly keep tools and other dangerous materials far away from walk routes.

There have been so many trends that have gone in and out of style, such as, overalls, stadium kitchens, and oh, so many different hair cuts! Upgrading your house is never going to go out of style. Upgrades can include a new kitchen or bathroom, or it could mean removing walls, painting, new lighting and the list goes on. Often people sink their time, effort and money into the inside of a house and when it comes time to do the outside, they leave it as is. You can imagine all the brand new floors, appliances and counter tops, with an exterior that is over 50 years old, dated and weathered.

Choosing something like new stucco siding and a new roof can increase the value of a home by over $15,000. Doing the siding is something a stucco contractor can do in the minimal amount of time. Updating the exterior with the new styles of stucco, and all the textures and patterns they have now days, will make your old house, and look brand new again.

Stucco lasts a long time if it is properly installed, with a life span of over 50 years. Stucco is made by mixing Portland cement, additives and fibers. It can be used for the entire exterior, and also for special designs.

You can choose tinted stucco in grey, tan, and pink, red, blue and several shades of yellow. You can also choose a smooth texture, stony texture, bricks, stripes or rough texture. Once you choose the color and texture, you can choose colors for the other projects you have outdoors. You can also talk to the stucco contractor about extra ways to make the stucco stand out. There are stones or small objects that can be used in the stucco. Whether it is the material or contractor both are very important.