Everyone loves watching movies, these movies are made to make people fall in love, laugh, get thrilled and forget all the trouble of life temporarily behind. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of watching movies in movie theatres. Worry no more, as because of technology’s advancement; people are given the opportunity to watch their favourite movie online, anytime they want to. Website like Putlocker, give people the privilege of watching movies without the inconvenience of going to movie theatres.

With the many movie streaming/downloading sites, choosing which one to register may not come easy. Of course, you would not want to key in your information so easy. Scammers are everywhere, and they can get you into their bait if you do not take all necessary precautions. This article will help you decided for the right site and whether or not you actually need one.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Register To Any Online Movie Streaming/Downloading

Never do this in a rush, take your time and assess whether you are on the right site or if this is something that you really need. People who are too aggressive and desperate looking for a site where they can watch free movies are the usual victims of phishing, scamming and fraud.

Do not be too scared though, as there are more legitimate websites than not, you just have to step back a bit and ask yourself questions that can help you deciding right.

Below are three top questions you should ask yourself before hitting the register button:

  • “Did I do my homework?”

As previously discussed, rushing will always lead you to making the wrong decision. You definitely to get into a website where you can watch free movies and TV programs as soon as possible, but if you pick the wrong site, inconvenience and so many issues will come along your way.

Under this bullet, you may want to consider the following:

  • Read reviews: You definitely need to read reviews from people like you, who love to watch movies online free of charge. There are forums discussing about online movie and TV program streaming and downloading. Take advantage of their experiences and their suggestions. If possible, join these forums and throw questions that can help you get more clarifications about the site you are targeting to join.
  • Check on the site’s validity: This is not easy unless you register. Needless to say, their website alone should speak for themselves. Check on their website, ignore advertisements, as these advertisements are a way for the site owner to earn. They are giving away their movies and TV programs free to their members, just like you, they are working hard to earn, they are also paying expenses, like purchasing domain name, getting a space to host the website, pay web designer or developer expertise and so on.

Focus more on the reviews posted by their previous or current members, how their website looks like, the number of members they have, the movies they offer and so on.

Note: Their advertisements should not be your basis of validity assessment.

  • Ask friends and families about their experiences: Any of your friends or relatives for sure have tried to use different online movie and TV program streaming sites. Ask about their experience. They may have not tried the site you are considering to register, yet they have valuable opinions to share about their different experiences before they get into the best site for them to watch and download movies. Their opinion should definitely count.
  • “Is registering worthy for me?”

Not because it entertains one or many, it entertains everyone. Ask yourself whether registering to this website is worthy or not. Actually, there is no much hassle one would get from registering to an online movie/TV show streaming (not unless you register to the wrong site, as you may get tons of marketing mails to your email or worse viruses) but this may somehow consume your precious time by assessing their site’s validity, registering to their site and figuring out site’s navigation.

You do not want to end up consuming hours in front of the internet and end up, not using it. Ask yourself further questions like:

  • Do you love to watch movies? Almost everyone loves to watch movies but not all. Some see watching movies as waste of time, hence they opt to do other things they see more interesting and productive.
  • Do you have to spare watching a movie? Even how good the available movie line up a site can offer, if you do not have time to spare (an hour or more) watch, then it is pointless.
  • Would you prefer watching movies online than in theaters? Watching movies online like in Putlocker is very convenient. All you need to do is click/download and play, yet not all prefer to watch movies online, as other would still love to go to theatres.
  • “Is my phone or device, compatible to watch movies?”

A movie/TV program streaming platform may allow any devices to operate or play movies or TV programs from their website, unfortunately, there are some phones or devices that are too basic that they cannot afford to play movies.

Their specs can be basic; hence watching movies on it may not give you the satisfaction you expect. If you want to test your phone or device compatibility, try to:

  • Check on their available previews: play on a specific movie and see whether the movie is playing or the quality of the picture or video satisfies you
  • (If available) Call their customer service support team: Ask their customer service representatives if the spec of your device is compatible with their services.

The boom of online movie and TV program streaming has blessed many people in the world, but of course not everyone is getting the benefits from it. Ask yourself questions and see how this can benefit you.