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Unemployment extension for 99ers: Missouri to reject jobless benefits

11 March, 2011

Unemployment extension for 99ers: Missouri to reject jobless benefits. Lawmakers from Missouri are at war over $285 million federal fund. A few Senators call for returning the money for extended jobless benefits and public school funding to Washington in order to meet the federal deficit. GOP colleagues, including House leaders strongly oppose this blocking move.

Sen. Jim Lembke is among the Republicans who oppose the federal fund allocation to the state. His colleague Sen. Will Kraus, R-Raytown also rejects federal education money to Missouri and draws the attention to state tax credits.

Meanwhile their colleagues from the state advocated for getting the fund Missouri calling that otherwise it will be go for another states rather than returning to federal hold. However, the GOPs including the leaders from both House and Senate stood for reducing the federal deficit.

House Speaker Steve Tilley, R-Perryville argued that the returned money “is not going to go back to pay off people who have notes in China, "It's going to be absorbed." Many states like In Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida have followed Missouri to reject the federal fund.

The new Republican governors in these states have reportedly returned the money funded by Washington for high-speed rail projects there. With the ongoing clash between GOPs Missouri will lose two federal funds concerned with jobless benefits and school funds.

Federal government had allotted some $96 million as 20 weeks extension of benefits for for Missourians. It was around $189.7 million for education jobs to spend among K-12 public schools. But the lock horn between the lawmakers will block such a huge fund for people in Missouri.

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