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Santa norad tracker 2010 official site and tracking Santa on Google Earth with Apple iPhone 4 and iPad

25 December, 2010

Santa norad tracker 2010 official site and tracking Santa on Google Earth with Apple iPhone 4 and iPad. Tracking Santa's Journey application for iPhones and iPads

On Christmas one thing that is common all across the world it is iconic Santa Claus. It is popular not only among adults but even children take a lot of interest in it. Come Christmas children start waiting for the arrival for Santa Clause.

My son who is just four years old is well impressed by Santa. He always talks about it. And yesterday night when we went to a mall he got excited after seeing a Santa Claus. Such is his love for the Santa that he rushed to shake hands with him. There are many kids like him who are head over heal in love with Santa.

The good news for such buffs is that now they can have Santa all the time after reports surfaced about the availability of an app for that. This most revolutionary app was churned out at a workshop at snowy Edmonton Research Park.

The news of its appearance has travelled like fire on the Internet with everyone scurrying to lay their hands on it. But wait for a minute!!! There is no need to hop mad. It is easily available. Santa GPS comes for free. Developed at Edmonton Research Park by Fission Media Group Inc, the app can be availed by any Tick, Tom and Harry.

Interestingly, it is available on the iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store. So visit these shops and lay your hand on it and have a good time. Those who are having it in their pocket said for children the Santa GPS is a fun.

Besides, it is good stuff for parents and children to interact together. If you don’t have one, get hold of it as soon as possible. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to keep on taking your kids to different places just show him/her Santa.

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