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Numbers on Facebook status, Facebook profile page layout changed, are you happy?

8 December, 2010

Numbers on Facebook status, Facebook profile page layout changed, are you happy?. Facebook offers new look for users, attaches personal info to the image

Facebook always tries to give a new look to millions of its users. After a cartoon game with user’s profile, Facebook officially launched a facelift for users. The new profile will expose the latest photographs of Facebook members attached with personal details.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new profile offering information about users on front and center near the top of the page. The largest social media suggested that this new look will help the users to more personalize the account and live in the friends circle.

There would be a bigger profile photo in the upper left corner of the page with essential information such as the place, work, and home town of the user. Along with the name the new profile will show the birth date and school details of the user.

Facebook will help the user to list his friends and family. The left column of the profile is dedicated to special friends and family members. The friends list will show the relationship with them and the history of Facebook interactions.

Meanwhile, a few skeptics raised the concern of privacy breach through this new profile. But, Facebook claims it’s the chance to expose yourself to other s as well as friends can know you very personally. However, the question of giving information to those who aren’t friends or relatives may frustrate many users.

To adopt the new look users can just visit facebook.com/about/profile and click on Get New Profile. Those who want to be in hiding should edit their personal profile given on the privacy page of Facebook.

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