The biggest pitfall that prohibits a lot of people from making great investments is that they have no idea where to invest their money in. They are either left confused by colleagues who at best have a “hit or miss” record or are affected by what experts call the “paralysis by analysis” effect. In short, this effect refers to the countless opportunities in the market that leaves the potential investor confused to such an extent that they put off investing for a long time or they simply don’t invest at all. But fret not, we have done the research work for you and have come up with two promising investment opportunities.

1. The Safe Bet

The safest bet is to invest in mutual funds, index funds or ETFs. Yes we know we are asking you to put your hard earned money into the stock market. But the benefit of trusting the age-old system is beneficial to a large extent. We advise you to either have a financial advisor on board or sign yourself up to an online brokerage firm. A financial advisor can help you sort things out and source potential and promising mutual funds for you to invest in. While an online brokerage firm will help you figure out the perfect ETF to invest in, using an online algorithm that is designed for great returns. But if you are reluctant to get either and want just stable returns on your investment, we suggest that you invest in index funds. Index funds will not shine in the market, and neither will it collapse; you can sit back and reap the benefit of one of the most stable investments in the market.

2. A Good Cause

The one thing that pulls the heartstrings of people is to know that they have invested in people. But the biggest stumbling block is that more often than not these investments end up being extremely murky. So we suggest you utilise platforms that deal with peer-to-peer lending. In essence how this works is that the money you invest in the company is then split up into small amounts and is loaned to a number of people. You get your money back at the end of it, and you also gain a six percentage rate on the money that you loan out to people. This form of investment may not give you the same dividends as traditional investments, but it is a great place to start for people who are looking to grow their savings and for those who want to help other people out while still earning a profit.