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Mega Millions winner survived three heart attacks and many upheavals

7 January, 2011

Mega Millions winner survived three heart attacks and many upheavals. Mega Millions winner survived a likely fourth heart attack thanks to the very support from his best half. Former Boeing employee took time to realize that he is the winner of mega lottery worth $355 million. 68 years old Jim McCullar will split the prize with the lottery winner from Idaho.

The Washington winner is now haunted by the fairy tales of former winners. The winner from Idaho is yet to disclose the identity. The jackpot came to the duo playing the winning numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. Though officials announced the winning tickets on Tuesday Jim McCullar came to public just last day.

The post-lottery life of the winners is widely rumored to be cursed. People know the stories of former winner Hurley appeared in TV show "Lost." But, Mr. and Ms. McCullar managed to ensure police security once the winner’s identity became public.

"All we saw were predators and we were afraid to do anything until we got down here with police protection," said McCullar who won $190 million. McCullar’s wife Carolyn was too alert on his health after surviving three heart attacks.

Meanwhile his partner from Idaho still remains behind the curtain probably fearing the outcomes of publicity. However officials say winner has 180 days to claim the prize. People from 42 states participated in the multistate lottery.

This year’s Mega Millions jack pot was fourth largest ever in the history of US lottery. The biggest ever came in 2007 once the Mega Millions prize rose to $390 million. The largest one also was split by two winners much like of this year. The $171 million prize in 2005 was split among seven people in California.

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