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Lunar eclipse December 20th and California unemployment benefits extension

21 December, 2010

Lunar eclipse December 20th and California unemployment benefits extension. Obama signed $858 billion package, "99ers" blame their fate

President Obama will enjoy his holidays in the wake of a bipartisan support to his $858 billion package. Despite of strong opposition from liberals Congress had approved the extension of Bush-era tax cuts. Once Obama signed the bill every American household saved from a tax increase on New Year's Day. But, there are a good number of 99ers who still remain out of luck.

Obama’ deal with GOP to win their support to the extension of unemployment benefits was little hopeful to 99ers. The benefits were limited to those who are out of work more than 26 weeks and less than 99. Though he successfully grabbed the support for both tax cuts and unemployment benefits, Obama couldn’t satisfy thousands of 99ers who are out of benefits since November.

Democrats had accused that the GOP-Obama deal is only helpful for wealthy. The Bush- era tax cuts will help businesses and consumers to spend more. The reduction in the Social Security payroll also is little helpful for the poor.

Many reports had disclosed that the number of so-called "99ers" will double up in coming months. According to Wall Street Journal more than 1 million people had received their final payments up to October. Since the unemployment rate remains near two digits the doors will be closed for millions for many months.

A few like Fortune's Nina Easton finger to a grave situation that "the longer people are unemployed the less employable they become." As the employers miscalculate the jobless as little workaholic or living in lazy the fate of many families will be under question.

Their only hope is pinned on the state and the will of politicians to make the job machines work properly. But, the millions of jobless couldn’t creep into the priority list of law makers fighting the estate tax payers.

Meanwhile a report on lunar eclipse says, "This night’s lunar eclipse is at the centre of attraction. It is not only astronomers who are only talking about it but ordinary people are also curious about the turn of event. It is understood that hundreds of thousands of sky watchers will wait for the time when lunar eclipse unfolds in the sky. According to observers the total eclipse of the moon will coincide with winter solstice".

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