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Great Valentine's day gift ideas 2011 and intersting funny Valentines day quotes

10 February, 2011

Great Valentine's day gift ideas 2011 and intersting funny Valentines day quotes. Valentine’s Day is on its way. Come February 14 youth all over the world will be celebrating this day. From day one the V-Day has grabbed a huge attention not only in Europe or America but all over the world.

When it was first celebrated in India on mass level many warned of the invasion of western culture. However, now it has become a part of Indian culture. It is not only India where it is celebrated. The day is gaining popularity in many other traditional Muslim societies also.

But people in Europe and other parts of the world are divided over the importance of the day. Though it is celebrated as a day for romance but many feel that the holiday is mainly commercially driven. This is a fact that has been established by certain facts in the industry.

On this day million of V-Day lovers purchase gifts for their beloved ones. In America and Japan tones of money are spent on this day. But the importance of the day couldn’t be denied. It continues to attract youngsters all over the world in the name of love only.

But the main problem on this day is that like Good Friday and other holidays in the US now retailers also give advertisements in newspapers and TV to lure people to marketing. It is this development that is not like by many in the industry. However, many revelers are getting smart and they no more want to throw their money on gifts and other things.

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