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Geminids meteor shower December 2010, Gia Mantegna is the new Miss Golden Globe 2011

11 December, 2010

Geminids meteor shower December 2010, Gia Mantegna is the new Miss Golden Globe 2011. Meanwhile get ready to gaze at sky to see best meteor showers of the year

Geminid meteor shower of December is the brightest of the kind in a year. Among August’s Perseids and November’s Leonids, Geminid of December stands out for several reasons. Most important one is that Geminid showers move rather slowly across the sky leaving onlookers enough time to grasp view of them.

The peak time that you can gaze at the sky to see Geminid meteor showers is early hours of Tuesday morning next week. Astronomers have placed hundred percent surety to see Geminid meteors in large numbers early morning, especially after moonset. Part of the meteor showers can be viewed in the sky on Monday and Wednesday midnights next week.

Astronomers and meteor shower experts have altogether agreed on the point that Geminid meteor shower is the best option in a year to watch meteor showers in their utmost entirety in the United States. Geminid asteroid showers can also be watched from several other countries late next week, experts said.

Geminid meteor showers derive when the Earth passes through debris of an asteroid named Phaethon. Debris and particles of Phaethon get shined in sunlight making them look like illuminated celestial fireworks in the sky. More than 100 meteors per hour come into sight during Geminid meteor showers giving onlookers no chance to miss sighting.

But as it is December, people will have to brave severe Arctic cold to gaze at the sky next week. Actually, Geminid meteor showers are anticipated for those who are ready to defy chilly weather in the night. You can curl up in a blanket or reclining chair in the early hours of Tuesday night in areas with less light pollutions.

Meanwhile Gia Mantegna is the new Miss Golden Globe 2011

The actress daughter of Criminal Minds star Joe Mantegna and his restaurateur wife Arlene has been tipped to serve as Miss Golden Globe 2011 at the upcoming 68th annual Golden Globe Awards, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) announced on Friday.

The title is bestowed annually upon the child (customarily the daughter) of a Hollywood heavyweight. Miss Golden Globe not only helps present the prize at the annual ceremony celebrating the year’s best in television and film, she also organizing many pre-award events.

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