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Geminid meteor shower 2010, Storm buries Midwest, crippling roads, airports

14 December, 2010

CHICAGO: Geminid meteor shower 2010, Storm buries Midwest, crippling roads, airports. The upper Midwest was rocked by a powerful winter storm. It was so strong that it left its imprint on the area. The ferocity of the storm could be gauged from the fact that the inflatable roof of the Minnesota Viking’s stadium collapsed.

The area was inundated with two feet of snow. The storm devoured at least four people.

Besides, traffic was also hit hard by blizzard conditions. Due to accumulation of deep snow on roads several roads had to be closed for the safety of vehicles. More than 1,400 flights were cancelled in Chicago.

Moreover fans were also deprived of opportunity to watch the Minnesota Vikings-New York Giants game. Now it is going to be held at Detroit’s Ford Field tonight. It is not that warnings were not given by weather department. According to the National Weather Service, people and authorities were warned in advance about the deteriorating weather conditions.

Warning was particularly forwarded to cities like eastern Iowa, southeastern Wisconsin, northwestern Illinois, and northern Michigan.

Chicago was also warned about the bad weather. That is why many road links were closed. Besides, Tod Pritchard, a spokesman for Wisconsin Emergency Management, had warned in advance to travelers to avoid roads and stay at home.

The situation has come to such a pass that even road salt was not working in some areas. “We’re really urging everyone to stay off the roads today and stay hunkered down at home,’’ Pritchard said. In northern and central Wisconsin, 18 inches of snow accumulated. Authorities said it would take some time for things to normalize.

Meanwhile the Geminid meteor showers are going to illuminate the sky. It is an annual heavenly show happens in December. The flaming rocks will blaze across the sky to make one of the year’s best celestial shows. The meteor fall will be in peak between midnight and sunrise of the days to come. But, the real beauty of shooting stars will be seen just before the dawn.

Unlike other meteor, Geminids will be the brightest under dark skies. Geminids also can create a spectacular light show on the sky as it travel more slowly than meteors from other showers. Since it need several seconds to blaze Geminids fall will be marvelous. Moreover, often they leave a brief trail of glowing smoke too.

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