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Friday the 13th superstitions & what time is the Perseid meteor shower August 12 2010

13 August, 2010

Friday the 13th superstitions & what time is the Perseid meteor shower August 12 2010. Perseid meteor shower ignites scientific  researches

The celestial magic of shooting stars was just an amazing experience for common sky watchers. But these fire balls have ignited the trend of research and scientific reasoning among a few people.   For scientists and students Perseid meteor shower was more than a sky show.

The rain of stars seen on Friday morning has lead to deep researches in the field of meteor science. This Augusts’ Perseid has fueled studies and inspired astronomers to regain the trend two decades back. The astronomical wonder has brought a kind of renaissance everywhere in Europe, Canada and in the United States

Dr. Brown's team is the forerunners in reacting to this astronomical phenomenon. They have developed new optical device for tracking meteors and pinpointing them at each spot along their paths through the sky to within about 30 feet.

These steps may lead astronomers to find answers for many questions about our solar system. And it will open new windows to the studies on planet formation around other stars. As the meteors flamed on the sky, scientist try to gather information on the chemistry to uncover the reactions energized by the enormous heat that builds on the object as it collides with Earth's atmosphere.

Brown, a physics professor and meteor maven at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario opened his mind about the new trend in scientific world following Perseid. "Meteor research is a very interdisciplinary area" these days, Brown said, and "It would be a new way of probing young stellar systems and newly forming planetary systems" that appear close to the solar system.

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