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Eureka earthquake, Eureka California earthquake & Ferndale earthquake

10 January, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO: Eureka earthquake, Eureka California earthquake & Ferndale earthquake. The off coast of Northern California was hit by earthquake on Saturday.

According to the US Geological Survey the earthquake measured 6.5. Officials are trying to figure out casualties, but for now there has been no report of damage from the quake-hit region.

The area 22 miles (35 km) west-northwest of Ferndale, California, was rattled by quake. Shockingly, there was no warning of tsunami or quake issued by authorities before the off coast tremor. The West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center also confirmed this.

There was tension among the people. Though few people died in the powerful quake but it did damage infrastructures in the city. Windows of apartment buildings were shattered and power supply was snapped. For a moment people thought that tsunami had hit their cities. They ran helter-skelter for safety.

The quake was felt in far places.

A resident of Eureka, Mity Nice Bakery, said: "It was a monstrous one. Usually, they're sharp, but this one was very wiggly. It was rolling in all directions." From the border of Oregon, the city is 80 miles south. When the quake stopped, the locals heaved a sigh of relief. They started asking each other about their wellbeing. Besides, some ran a top hill to make sure that there was no tsunami coming.

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