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California election results 2010 & US midterm election results cloud Obama's India trip

6 November, 2010

California election results 2010 & US midterm election results cloud Obama's India trip. The U.S. President Barack Obama is about to fly for a three-day official visit to India, one of the growing economies in Asia. The official visit of Obama into the land of Mahatma Gandhi is said to bestow relief and tranquility for the President from the debacle, his Democratic party had in the U.S. midterm elections.

Obama is a well-known admirer of Gandhi, hero of Indian freedom movement. The President of America has been keeping the image of Gandhi in his mind as a typical symbol of peace and calmness. Obama has even kept a framed portrait of Gandhi in his Senate office in Washington.

The U.S. President will land in Mumbai, India's economic capital on Saturday. In his schedules in India, Obama is expected to make a visit to Gandhi's grave site in New Delhi.

Even though, this tour is mainly purposed to strengthen up business relationships with India, a steadily growing economy in World. The nation, second in number of world population, had not been hit by the global economic crisis.

This is what considered as one of the big reasons for America to show interest in extending business relations with the country. India is estimated to grow at about 8 percent a year for the news few years. It means that India is a wide market for American exports.   

However, American officials made it clear that the visit would also be a two-way street as well. It is a fact that Indian companies are the second-fastest growing investors in the U.S. In fact, the U.S. President will discuss all issues with the Prime Minister of India, Dr: Manmohan Singh.

During the visit, Obama and Manmohan will further discuss on climate change, counterterrorism and scientific research. After the visit to India, Obama will fly to Indonesia, South Korea and Japan before landing back in the U.S. next weekend.

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