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California election results 2010 & US midterm election results: Obama talks of compromise

10 November, 2010

California election results 2010 & US midterm election results: Obama talks of compromise with Republicans

WASHINGTON:  President Barack Obama is talking sense after his party’s routing in the 2010 midterm elections held recently. The result jolted the Democrats as they lost their majority in the House of Representatives. And their strength in Senate has also come down.

Even before the elections the Republican had threatened to go after laws passed by Democrats if elected to power. Now with the voters putting them in such a solid position the Republicans are girding up for the big fight. Realizing this fact Obama knows that the only way to survive in the hostile situation is having a compromise with the resurgent GOP.

He has done it by making it clear that his government is willing to work on issues that are dearer to both the Republicans and Democrats. So for the beginning both the parties have decided to avoid controversial issues.

That is good for the government and the country as it would give them opportunity to concentrate on more pressing issues like bringing down America’s deficit and avoiding the pending expiration of tax cuts for the middle class. These are two burning issues on which there is no fight between the Democrats and Republicans. They accept the fact that these two issues should be addressed on priority basis.

Obama said: "The campaign season is over. And it's time to focus on our shared responsibilities and work together." The Democratic Party headed by Obama has taken a stand that individuals who earn less than $200,000 a year and couples making less than $250,000 should get the right of tax cuts. It is important to mention here that the law was enacted during the period of George W Bush. However, Obama wants people earning more than this to return to the higher rates. This is how things were before Bush came into power.

"We'd be digging ourselves into an even deeper fiscal hole and passing the burden onto our children," he said.

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