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California election results 2010 & US midterm election results: Healthcare threatened

6 November, 2010

California election results 2010 & US midterm election results: Healthcare threatened. Triumphant Republicans to press repeal for Obama’s healthcare reform 

Just after a thrashing victory over the Democrats in the U.S. midterm elections, the Republicans lash out Obama administration’s celebrated healthcare overhaul. GOP leader Mitch McConnell severely talked against the overhaul calling it unpopular and one of reasons for Democrat’s debacle in elections.

Republicans captured majority in the lower house of the U.S. Congress in elections. And they also demonstrated an inch-by-inch battle over the Democrats for the races into the U.S. Senate, but ended up in failing to tack together majority in the upper house.  

McConnell said that his party will resume the battle over President Obama’s new policies and will press for a complete repeal of the healthcare reform. The Republicans managed to attain the big victory in the midterm elections as they faced people’s verdict tying up with the National Tea Party movement. 

The GOP leaders and Tea Party activists have been leading strong agitations in the country since Obama passed his healthcare reform, which will ensure healthcare insurance for every U.S. citizen including people with pre-existing conditions. The overhaul will also put control over private insurance providers in the country. However, McConnell said that his party will take step to “eliminate its worst parts.”

“When it comes to educating the public about the effects of Democrat legislation, we will fulfill our constitutional duty to oversee the executive branch through smart, aggressive oversight,” McConnell said.

In replay, a spokesman of the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who won over a strong Tea Party favorite GOP candidate in the Senate race in Nevada, blasted upon McConnell’s speech. Jim Manley, the spokesman said that the Republicans want to unravel the positive aspects of the healthcare reform.

“It speaks volumes that the first thing on Republicans’ ‘to do’ list is to give power back to big health insurance companies,” Manley challenged the Republicans on their stand against the healthcare reform.

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