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California Missile launch was not missile, neither rocket, nor UFO but Jet Contrail

13 November, 2010

California Missile launch was not missile, neither rocket, nor UFO but Jet Contrail. California missile mystery: Federal security officials close missile theories

Just after the California ‘missile’ contrail mysteries have been shut down by the federal space agencies, a similar trail is reported to have spotted over Manhattan on Thursday evening. The new contrail, which was photographed by a passer-by, looked exactly the same to the California contrail.

Residents, who found the trail, said they doubted it was exhaust from a rocket-pulled missile. Yet, no official comments are available on the Manhattan contrail sighting.

Earlier, the U.S. Government agencies associated with space, military and air traffic have categorically declined all kind of ‘missile theories’ behind the California contrail sighting. The experts went on to simply explain it as anything, but water vapor or condensation from an airplane. 

Hot exhaust gases from a normal aircraft would resemble the contrail from a missile, if it was watched from a distorted angle at sunset, they described. The California contrail was spotted and recorded by a news helicopter Monday evening.

It apparently means that there was nothing to worry about the contrail spotted in the sky. The Pentagon also declined chances for the trail to have originated from a missile. The Defence Department spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said there were no missile or rocket tests from any division of the army at that time.

Many other aerospace experts shared similar views on the trail found in the California sky on Monday. Depending on atmospheric conditions, direction of the plane and shape of the Earth there were chances for the exhaust gases from a normal plane to leave missile-like trail in the sky during sunset, experts stated. The phenomenon, which had put military and federal security officials top of their toes for a few hours, wound up well. 

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