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Apple iPad 2 release nears, Light Peak technology be added to next gen iPad

24 February, 2011

Apple iPad 2 release nears, Light Peak technology be added to next gen iPad. This will make the Tablet all the more enticing and useful

The rumored iPad 2 has been the most sought after device in tech world. All eyes are looking for the second generation Apple tablet. To keep this zeal live tech blogs have been posting updates on the release and improvements of this popular device.

Despite the physical improvements a host of updates are predicted to the iPad 2. Apple will integrate its flagship tablet with top notch internal and external features to keep the reign over tablet space. Tech blogs have already reported about the possible upgrading of screen and resolution and the missing of Retina Display.

Taiwan based DigiTimes reported the imminent release of the device quoting inside sources. Meanwhile, veteran Apple writer Gruber also predicted the launch of iPad 3 by fall after iPad 2 release by spring. The latest rumor about the hardware and software updates came from MacRumors.

The blog has reported that Apple will include Intel's multi-port technology, Light Peak technology in iPad 2 or iPad 3. Unlike other versions of wireless connections, Intel's Light Peak technology uses single optic fibre for universal connection connections like HDMI, USB, DVI, FireWire and DisplayPort.

Till to date iPad users were disappointed over the lack of USB ports while Apple’s own MacBook Pros carry the latest USB 3.0 ports. Nvidia had already disclosed that Intel is to delay the USB 3.0 inclusion till 2011. Apple fans were totally desperate while CEO Steve Jobs ruled out the plans to include USB 3.0 in Macs cursing the lack of support from Intel.

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