In this fast-moving world where people do not have enough time for the recreational activities, they feel so trapped and frustrated with their hectic schedule. Gaming is the only thing which gives them some relaxing and exciting moment from their tight schedule. Games not only provide a whole new experience, excitement and fun for every person but also improve their body coordination. There are numerous benefits and advantages of games. Due to the advancement in technology the gaming industry expand their dimension to a large extent at a very fast pace over years.

Categories of Video Games

Video games are broadly categorized into eight main categories these are as follows:

  1. Action: They are one of the most preferred game types. These games are set in a fast-paced action setup. They have some age restrictions, these games are usually inappropriate for children as they contain some disturbing action scenes and various violence plots. A special category assigned for these type of games which are “M” it denotes that these games are mature-rated.
  2. Adventure/Role Playing: These types of games are not that much graphics intensive games. They drag the player to the whole new world full of fantasy and surrealism. They may also contain some sort of violence but not as much as action games.
  3. First Person Shooters: As the name is itself defined, these types of games are trending nowadays. It allows the user to see the stage through the perspective of their players as they themselves playing the game. In these games, player can experience the game through the eyes of the character. They represent and also involves in the game completely like they indulge in the scene wholly that player sometimes assume that they are using the pistols and various equipment.
  4. Construction and Management Simulation: In this type of games, players have to expand, build and manage some type of imaginary communities and projects. The resources are limited and increased over time and through some in-app purchase.
  5. Strategy: These games emphasize mostly on strategy instead of violence. They are slower games because they need some extra time for resource management, strategic thinking and planning for victory. They are not suitable for small children.
  6. Simulation: They include the stimulation of the situation related to the real world. They are suitable for every age group.
  7. Platformer: It is very interesting and time killing game which has stages related to jumping between platforms. Platforms are suspended and sometimes move towards the player.
  8. Puzzles: They are one of the oldest and most enjoyed games by peoples of every age. They have various stages involving puzzle solving skills and logic like strategy, pattern recognition, word completion and sequence solving.

Why Fortnite?

Fortnite is one of the most popular games released in September 2017. First, it did not receive any popularity and receives little hype with least attention at initial release. Later company decided to offer it free to engage more users, as a result, when gamers knew about this game, it emerged as one of the benchmarks in the field of first-person shooter game. It is a battle game but it is not only about shooting the competitors. It engages the players in the effort of unlocking player skins, activities and items. There are various online multiplayer first person shooter games available but Fortnite is one of the best options to choose from, here are some reasons which clearly stated that why Fortnite stands above all the other multiplayer games, these are as follows:

  1. It is completely free: This game offers a complete package of entertainment loaded with a bunch of exciting game play. It is absolutely charge less nothing is hidden behind the pay wall. Only skin is charged but one can enjoy the game without paying for those skins.
  2. Offers some uniqueness: It offers some cool features like the disco bomb that makes opponents dance instantly. Offering a perfectly timed blue pump on the head is something engaging and unique in its own way.
  3. Inter-platform play: It is one of the best examples of the game which offer the freedom to play it on cross platforms. An iPhone user can easily compete with those who have consoles and a well-equipped PC.
  4. Highly Social: Playing alone is boring sometimes but it is very entertaining when you play with a bunch of people, especially with your friends. It allows 100 players to play at a time and the lone survivor is declared as winner of the session.

Different Modes in Fortnite

The lone survivor achieves the “Victory Royale”. Achieving the victory is not an easy task as the numbers of skilled players are playing the game simultaneously. One who has the key will be able to fight the game more quickly and efficiently in gunfight’s heat. These builders are one who is most skilled and wins the most number of games. One who starts the game recently finds it very difficult to understand the technicalities of the game that is why it is very difficult to win the game on the first go. Developers have added the interesting mode to the game i.e., limited time mode, it makes the game more challenging and interesting. Various enthralling features are present in this the game to kill the boredom of the player after playing the game for so long. The high explosive mode is one of the most popular modes of this game. In this mode, a player does not have any weapon, in order to be a lone survivor they have to roam around for finding different launchers and grenades with the help of an on-screen map. Few special weapons are also available in this mode to facilitate the player. This various mode help in familiarizing the player with the game and aids in learning the new skill and make them accustomed. They allow them to be more experimental and prepared for coming challenges.

One can download the game from their official website. One can refine their skill by the different sessions of the game with constant practice. They can learn more about this game by the time.