There can be some reasons to choose a traditional faucet instead of a freehand one. The innovative sensor armature may not fit an old kitchen. Since it is more expensive, it may not be affordable for all budgets. Alternatively, maybe you do not like the look of the available models.

In these or similar situations, it is only natural that you prefer a less sophisticated faucet. On the other hand, if you dream of a freehand kitchen faucet, but are reluctant to get one out of fear, it would be unfortunate if you do not give it a chance.

Kitchen fittings with proximity or motion sensors make the setup entirely hands-free. Such accessories are often referred to as non-contact kitchen fittings. They usually have a handle that allows you to set the preferred temperature and water pressure. When that is done, you will hardly have to touch the faucet. It is switched on and off with a hand movement.

However, why would anyone want a freehand tap in his or her kitchen? Does this feature have any practical benefits or is it just a bit of fun?

Advantages of installing hand-free kitchen faucets

High standard of hygiene

One of the advantages is a higher standard of hygiene. Non-contact kitchen faucet disregards the demand to touch theoretically tainting metal during meal preparation.

Depending on the fitting model, the exact type of initiation may differ to some extent. All you have to do is move your hand close to the sensor and the water will run. You can turn it off with the same gesture.

It also saves time and water because it is so quick and easy to wave the water when you need it, and off when you do not.

Simple operation

Little children learn to treat themselves to a glass of water. You will start the water on less frequent occasions as it is simple and comfortable to turn off the water. Even if you forget that the water is running, it automatically turns off after a few minutes. An excellent hands-free fitting has a built-in safety system that makes it.

Some of the greatest brands come with an efficient pull-down feature and a high-accuracy magnetic spray head docking system. The sprayers usually have two ways of operation –   stream and spray.

The hands free feature needs the presence of electrical energy. Most faucets are connected to the mains via a mains adapter. Other brands also offer batteries, typically four or six AA batteries, as an alternative power source.

Modern non-contact faucets from trusted companies like Kohler or Moen are smart enough to distinguish between intentional and unintentional activation. However, several factors can cause the faucet to turn on. A pet, a moving curtain or direct sunlight, can trigger the sensor. In addition, power fluctuations can cause it to turn on.

What to keep in mind when it comes to hand-free kitchen faucet

However, there are also a few things to keep in mind if you decide to improve your kitchen with a hand free kitchen faucet. Some measures may be required to reduce the risk of self-starting.

It is not that these taps would go on and off all the time. Latest technology is shrewd enough. The faucets are generally not turned on when you walk by or stand in front of the sink. However, an object that enters the field of view of the sensor can activate them.

It can be a pet or a windblown curtain that can trigger the signal. It is also reported that sometimes the steam of hot stuff being strained in the sink can initiate the faucet. In some cases, it may be useful to turn off the sensor voltage when cleaning the tub.

Installing hand free kitchen faucet

Apart from all the usual installation steps, which would otherwise have any other faucet, there is only one additional step – the backup of electrical energy. If there is no outlet near the sink, you may need to use an extension cord. Please note that earthling is required.

Kohler and Moen make sizeable freehand kitchen taps. Some brands have excellent user satisfaction. If you want to know precisely how a specific model works, you will find many useful reviews here

Concluding thoughts

Freehand kitchen faucets differ not only in their design but also in their operation. Get best freehand kitchen faucets reviewed here