Los Angeles: Apple iPad pre order soar as Apple iPad battery life issue becomes insignificant. Apple iPad will now be available from April 3. The company has announced that it is taking pre-orders. And insiders say that the company has been inundated by requests. But at the moment Apple will not be in a position to dispatch all its accessories to the consumers.

This January when Apple had unrolled its most-sought after product in the market then it had also showcased accessories for the device to be shipped with it. But now sources say due to some reasons the company won’t be able to ship all of them with the iPad.

It is understood that iPad comes with five accessories. They are a keyboard dock, case, dock, 10W USB power adapter, and dock connector to VGA adapter. Their unavailability will no doubt sadden some consumers who have been waiting for long to lay their hands on it. The company had launched its product with a lot of fanfare. Since then many speculative stories about it have been circulating on the internet.

Insiders say that some accessories like iPad keyboard dock and others will be shipped by May. Besides, other accessories that have been delayed included the 10W USB power adapter. This is used to charge iPad directly through an electrical outlet.